What's the best apple for making unsweetened applesauce?

Apples are naturally sweet, so it makes perfect sense to omit the extra sugar when making applesauce. Whether you’re eating it plain or stirring it into recipes (muffins, pancakes, cakes, etc), making unsweetened applesauce is a simple way to get the vitamins and nutrients of apples into your diet. Unsweetened applesauce also makes a great, healthy replacement for oil in your favorite recipes.

The right apple for unsweetened applesauce is McIntosh, Fuji, or Gala. You can also use Pink Lady and try leaving the skin on for a beautiful pink color – and fiber!

Pro tips

  • Adding cinnamon sticks and cloves during the cooking process renders a fragrant, flavorful applesauce
  • Applesauce is freezer-safe for several months