There’s an Apple for That is a campaign by Stemilt Growers that aims to cast a spotlight on the many available apple varieties, each with their own unique flavor, texture and cooking characteristics. Whether baking a pie, pairing with cheese, tossing in a salad or turning into preserves, certain apples work best for particular cooking needs, based on factors such as acidity, sweetness, firmness and how well they hold up to heat.

Whatever you plan to cook with apples, There’s an Apple for That will suggest the perfect pick for recipe success. No more guess work in the grocery aisle!

The information is courtesy of the apple experts at Stemilt, one of the largest apple growers and packers in America, with headquarters in Wenatchee, Wash., the “Apple Capital of the World.” For more than 100 years, the family-owned and operated company has been farming apples, and is consistently an industry pioneer and leader when it comes to fruit innovations and sustainable farming practices.

One of Stemilt’s most prized possessions is its signature Piñata® Apple, known for its classic apple flavor with a tropical twist.

The company continues to breed new cultivars through its advanced apple innovation program, and looks forward to growing the most delicious apples around for centuries to come.