The Top Tart Apples

Are you a sucker for foods that make you pucker? The wide variety of apples available means that there are plenty of options for fans of tart, or acidic, foods.

The reason some apples are tart, while others are sweet, is because of varying levels of acids in the fruit, and especially the varying levels of malic acid. This naturally occurring compound is often referred to as “apple acid” because it makes up 94% of the total acid in an apple. Your body also naturally produces malic acid when it converts the carbohydrates you eat into energy. Malic acid has been linked to being an immunity booster, maintaining oral health, and promoting healthy skin so eating tart apples often, or on occasion, is a great way to maintain good health.

If you think about the apples that are readily available in supermarkets, the top tart apple is Granny Smith. It’s also an easy apple to recognize because of its bright green skin! Other apple varieties that lean towards the tart side are: Pink Lady® apples, Braeburn apples, McIntosh appes, Jonathan apples, Empire apples, and Cortland apples.

Beyond snacking, tart apples are great to slice on a green salad or fruit salsas because those high acid levels will help them naturally resist browning for quite some time.