Rave® Apples

Meet Rave®, the newest apple variety at Stemilt Growers. Rave is the brand name for an apple cultivar called MN55 that was bred naturally through cross-pollination by David Bedford at the University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program. He’s the same researcher that developed the popular Honeycrisp and SweeTango® apple varieties!

The very best MN55 apples are the ones that will go to market as Rave apples. Part Honeycrisp, and part MonArk (an early to ripen apple from Arkansas), Rave is the first apple to harvest in Washington State, coming off the trees in late July. The early harvest is exciting as Stemilt will get to share fresh apples with you far earlier than normal. It’s also a very unusual characteristic for an apple as most apples don’t harvest in Washington until mid-August or September. Beyond being early, Rave apples offer an incredible eating experience – it’s outrageously juicy with a refreshing and snappy zing.

Suggested Uses

  • Snacking
  • Salads

When are Rave Apples in Season?

Rave apples are available only from Stemilt from August through October each year.