What's the best apple for baby food?

Apples are a popular first fruit for babies due to their sweetness. Whether you’re using a blender, food processor, or other handy kitchen tool, making your own applesauce for babies is simple to do and offers the health benefits of antioxidants and fiber for babies who are ready for solid foods.

The best apples for baby are those with a sweet, more mild flavor, like Gala or Fuji; these are less acidic and tart than varieties like Granny Smith, which means they’ll be easier on a baby’s digestive system. One medium apple will yield about five ounces of puree for baby.

Pro tips

  • Look for apples free of bruising or soft spots.
  • If baby is ready for other solid foods, like meat, try mixing in some applesauce.
  • Try freezing leftover applesauce in ice cube trays for later use.