What's the best apple for cheddar cheese?

Cheddar cheese is a crowd-pleaser of a cheese and can typically be enjoyed on its own, with wine, and on your favorite cracker. For an added indulgent experience and a sweet accompaniment, there is an apple that plays the perfect partner for this cheese!

For cheddar, we recommend pairing with Gala and Piñata® apples.

Find our full cheese pairing entry here, or visit our interactive pairing guide at stemilt.com/pairology. The guide is a choose-your-own-venture to create the best flavor combinations among apples, cheeses and even wines (for those 21+ only).

Pro tips

  • A mild to medium block cheddar is easier to pair than a mature cheddar of 18 months or more
  • For a savory twist on apple pie, try melting cheddar atop the crust.