What is the Best Apple for cheesecake??

Apples and cheese make for a great snack, so it’s no surprise that apples taste amazing in cheesecake. You can go as basic or as rich as you’d like with this dessert. Keep it simple with just apples, or get a little crazy and throw in things like caramel, cinnamon and graham crackers, oh my!

Two of the best apples for cheesecake are Piñata® apples by Stemilt, and Granny Smith apples. Both withstand cooking temperatures, and Piñata® apples adds a hint of pineapple that pairs perfectly with caramel toppings. Granny Smith has a nice tangy and tart flavor to offset the sweet cheesecake.

Pro tips

  • Use two apple varieties in the recipe for a cheesecake with more complex flavor.
  • Try topping your cheesecake with nuts like walnuts or pecans for a great texture contrast and some added flavor.