What's the best apple for galettes?

A galette is a French term for round or freeform crusty cakes. There’s no doubt that this delicate, tasty, fancy French dessert will impress your guests, but here’s a secret – a galette is actually quite easy to make! It’s OK to pretend you’ve slaved over your stovetop all day; we won’t tell.

The best apple to use when making a galette is one that is firm and tart. Pink Lady perfectly encapsulates both these traits, as well as Piñata® Apples from Stemilt, which also hold up exceptionally well to heat. If you’re looking for some extra sweetness (while still keeping a little of that tartness) the classic yellow apple, Golden Delicious, is a great way to go.

Pro tips

  • While slicing your apple, keep the pieces tightly together. This allows you to just lightly tilt them to fan them out over the crust for a beautiful finish.
  • Take a turn for the savory! Try a galette with apple, cheddar and caramelized onions to really wow your friends!
  • Spike it! Top your galette with a mixture of butter, sugar, water and brandy to make this an “adults-only” treat.