What's the best apple for jam?

Jam is the perfect topper on your toast and even dip for some of your favorite fruits. Top pancakes with it, serve it with salty pork, or just eat it as a dessert with some crushed cookies and whipped cream. Do you like sweet? Tart? Borderline sour? There’s an apple for that. With so many choices, you’ll have no shortage of jam tasting ahead!

The best apples for jam will encompass a variety of flavors; in fact, we recommend mixing varieties like Pink Lady, Granny Smith, and SweeTango® for a terrific flavor profile. Not to worry if you only have one of these on hand; they all make great standalone jams too.

Pro tips

  • Only use as much water as you need to soften the fruit enough that it starts to exude its own juices.
  • Play around with different spices; you could use apple pie spice and mix your finished jam into oatmeal for a great breakfast treat.