What's the best apple for kugel?

Both sweet and savory, apple kugel is a favorite at Jewish holidays, both as a side dish and a dessert. Made with egg noodles, apples, cream, sugar, and eggs, there’s little surprise why there’s rarely leftovers! Some recipes call for cottage cheese and others use sour cream; regardless of the variation, this sweet, creamy dish is a crowd pleaser.

The best apple to use when making a kugel is a tart, hardy variety like a Granny Smith. The tartness of the apple pairs well with the sweetness of the cream and sugar and provides a nice ‘bite’ to an otherwise soft dish. On the flip side, try Cortland, which has McIntosh apple parentage, but has a sweeter flavor.

Pro tips

  • Use a wide flat egg noodle, not the variety without the yolk
  • For an extra decadent treat, make a simple caramel sauce for a topping. Yum!