What's the best apple for roasting?

When you’re hankering for the taste of applesauce but don’t want the time commitment, roasting apples is a great alternative. No need for a food processor or to even remove the skins; just find the right apples, slice, add sugar and cinnamon and roast! Bonus: your kitchen will smell delightful.

The best apple for roasting is one that’s firm, crispy, and mildly sweet: a Honeycrisp variety makes a perfect roasting option with its refreshing sweetness. Piñata® apples are another apple that lends well to roasting.

Recommended Apples

Pro tips

  • Try roasted apples atop vanilla frozen yogurt and chopped nuts for a healthier ‘ice cream sundae’
  • Mix with oatmeal for a hearty breakfast with a sweet twist