What's the best apple for stewing?

When you’re short on time but craving that homemade applesauce taste, stewing apples is the perfect alternative. When stewing, apples retain their shape and the cooking time is relatively short. Stewed apples make a great dessert topping, waffle topping, or a comforting dessert. Flavor your stewed apples as you see fit; nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon are popular spices for this dish.

Because stewed apples aren’t fully cooked down, the best type of apple to use is one that holds its shape and texture and gives a tart kick, like a Granny Smith.

Recommended Apples

Pro tips

  • An apple peeler will make easy work of stewed apple prep
  • Try leftover stewed apples in your morning smoothie! Mix with yogurt and your liquid of choice.