What's the best apple for apple salad?

Who said salads have to be boring? With a natural sweetness and the perfect amount of crunch, apples make a great addition to any salad bachelor arbeit schreiben lassen. Try topping your next salad with apples for a fun and healthy option.

Crunchy apples like Honeycrisp are always a favorite, but their successor, SweeTango®, is part sweet, part tangy, with a crunch second to none hausarbeit schreiben lassen erfahrung. Classics like Piñata® for a bright, tropical twist or Fuji for a sweet bite would work just as well.

best apples for apple salad

Pro tips

  • Switch up the texture of the apples by cutting them into matchsticks, big chunks or slicing them thin with a mandolin.
  • Try adding lemon juice to the dressing to help slow down the oxidation process of the apples.