What's the best apple for upside down cake?

Everyone knows about Pineapple Upside Down Cake, but how about Apple Upside Down Cake? Apples work great for this type of dessert, because they provide a firm bottom layer (that will eventually become the top). You can take this treat in several different flavor directions such as maple or caramel, or even salted caramel!

For an Apple Upside Down Cake, you’ll want an apple that is firm, but also ripe with sweetness. Piñata® apples from Stemilt fit this description perfectly and pair excellently with the cinnamon flavor common in these cakes. Pink Lady is a great choice for a sweet-tart flavor mix, and Crispin, an apple grown on the East Coast, has Golden Delicious parentage making it another good pick for this fun cake.

Pro tips

  • Make sure to put the apples in an appealing pattern on the bottom since they will eventually be the main focus of the dessert!
  • Try making it in a cast iron skillet instead of the oven.