What's the best apple for baking?

Apples are the perfect fruit for baking. They hold strong, have a great texture and are downright tasty. You can bake them in a classic apple pie, include them in muffins and coffee cake, or even just bake them solo topped with a bit of cinnamon for a healthy treat. A baked apple dessert is by far one of the best things you can show up with at a brunch or a party (especially with vanilla ice cream also in tow)!

So what’s the best apple for baking? There are a few!

Apples on the sweeter end of things are a good choice, as their higher sugar content means you can go a bit easier on added sugars in the recipes. If you want your apples to maintain a bit of crispness, look for firmer apples that will maintain texture under the heat.

An exceptional apple for baking is Piñata®, a newer apple variety available from Stemilt. These apples are extra sweet with a hint of pineapple. The best part? They are one of the best apples to hold up to heat, so when you bite into a slice of pie, you’re greeted with a delicious soft-yet-firm texture instead of apple mush.

Though they are difficult to find, Rome apples have long been called the ‘baker’s buddy’ since they have a flavor that intensifies after baking. If you’re looking to add a tart flavor to your dish, try Granny Smith apples for a good balance of tangy and tart. Golden Delicious is a classic apple for baking thanks to its thin skin and mellow, sweet flavor. Finally, give Pink Lady apples a try in your baked dishes. They provide a great balance between sweet and tart.

Pro tips

  • Experiment with more than one apple in a dish. Try Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Piñata® apples together to capture extra flavor.
  • Chop before you peel! It’s easier this way, trust us.