What's the best apple for fried pies?

We all know most everything tastes better when it’s deep fried, and apple pie is no exception. And oh my goodness, are these Southern traditions tasty! We’re talking a crunchy outside with a soft, gooey, cinnamon-filled, warm inside. Swoon! Bring these to your new neighbor, they will love you forever.

The most important part of picking an apple for baking is to make sure it’s a firm apple. Go-to favorites are Piñata® or Honeycrisp apples because they both stay crisp and sweet even after baking.

Pro tips

  • Your filling should be the consistency of chunky apple sauce, this will allow it to stay within the pie.
  • A medium apple equals about one cup chopped.
  • Try topping your pies with powdered sugar or granulated sugar, or whip together some vanilla, milk and powdered sugar for glaze!