What's the best apple for grilling?

Next time you’re firing up the grill, think about dessert too! Slice up some apples, brush with melted butter, and throw ‘em on there. Sweetened with a little honey and dusted with cinnamon, grilled apples are a perfect dessert without the wait – or the guilt. And, they’re a tasty option for your gluten-free friends and family!

The best apple for grilling is one with a firm texture, and depending on whether your preference is tart or sweet, go with a Granny Smith (tart), or a Fuji, Piñata®, Pink Lady or Honeycrisp (sweet). These are great options for grilling because their hardy texture will stand up to high heat.

Pro tips

  • Pair your grilled apples with cheese and toasted pecans for a well-rounded snack/dessert
  • No outdoor grill? No problem. Find an indoor stovetop grill, perfect for apartments or wet weather.